About Us

The first structure to understand about the world is the duality of Zahir and Batin, that there is an apparent world which we see and feel, and a hidden world which we can only apprehend with our minds and hearts. Beginning with what is closer at hand, we can physically see and feel our own bodies and at the same time have an inner awareness of ourselves and our thinking, but we cannot employ our physical sense to touch our thoughts or see our feelings. From this microcosmic level, the duality applies also to the universe. Just as our physical bodies abide in this material world of Zahir, Nasir teaches that the non-physical part of our beings whether called soul or mind or heart – resides in the spiritual universe of the Batin, to which in fact it yearns to return, to regain its proper home. Thus, the ultimate journey is the journey of the soul which starts here and now, in this world. And for Nasir Khusraw this is not mere philosophy but a personal statement of faith.

From Knowledge and Liberation by Nasir Khusraw

Inspired by two of the most powerful concepts from the Islamic World, Zahir X Batin is a Multi-Dimensional Art Platform Co-founded by Ahmad Shuhib Zuhurooddin. From Life coaching, Fashion line, Literature, Theater, Art Exhibition, Producing music/directing music videos, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Stage design and Event Planning. The idea of that platform is to CULTURE by fusion. Zahir X Batin is about the plurality of expressions of that spark screaming love, colours and grey zones, words and ideas in black or white, reading through different senses Divine gifted us with.Taking the best tools of the Western and Eastern World to create, impact the world positively.

Life Coaching

Zahir X Batin will collaborate with various stakeholders/mentors/life coaches to guide the youth in need of guidance in their journey, in person or online. See ”Superheroes” profiles for more info.

Fashion Line

Zahir X Batin want you to express the core of who you are through Fashion, the give people to ability to express the plurality of their being with the way they dress. Not a uniform standard but the individual to costum their clothes under Zahir X Batin Fashion Line. 

Art Exhibition

Zahir X Batin will organise Art exhibits for local artists to showcase their work and give them a platform to exhibit their art. Dates and venue coming ahead, stay tuned!


We will take part in the creative process of plays, short movies and videos by merging culture to create new content supporting, comedians, actors and artists by giving them a stage and platform to practice their passion.


Sampling Persian melodies with 808s are one of the examples of how we will support artists to own their masters. Working alongside professionals in the field of music production and composition, Zahir X Batin is about the fusion of sound energy.

Web Design

Zahir X Batin has been offering innovative website designing services at accessible price points to businesses across the globe. Our web design services include everything from a simple content web site to the most complex Custom Web Design, Table less Div Based Pages, PSD to XHTML, Web 2.0, Industry Based Design and Website Redesign. Apart from being user friendly, all websites are W3C validated, easy to load and extremely functional.

Social Media Marketing

Zahir X Batin will utilizes social networking websites as a marketing tool with your brand or company. The goal of Zahir X Batin is to produce content that users will share with their social network to help a company increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach.

Event Planning

You have a birthday Party, a Wedding? Zahir X Batin will take part with you in creating experiences and bringing visions to life to any of your events. Scouting locations, soliciting bids, managing vendor relationships and client communications, creating and negotiating contracts, and managing budgets are some of the service Zahir X Batin will offer to help your event to be a success within you own preferences and budget.