Ahmad Shuhib Zuhurooddin
Co-Founder & CEO
Zahir X Batin Inc.

Ahmad Shuhib Zuhurooddin a.k.a Indigo is a modern day polymath, a visionary, a multi dimensional Artist, gifted with a plethora of abilities. Ahmad Shuhib is a poet, a motivational speaker, a stand up comedian, a fashion designer, a music producer/video director, an actor, a teacher educator, a camp counselor, curriculum developer for summer camp programs and the list goes on.

Born in Bamyan Afghanistan, Shuhib’s family had to move to Rawalpindi, Pakistan at the age of 4 when war started in Kabul. After few years in Pakistan, the family had to move to Moscow, Russia as the quality of life in Rawalpindi was low. His passion to work with people or ”the ground” as he says, started when he moved to Montreal at the age of 9. He started volunteering for different community centers taking part in building the formation of identity of the youth, specially newly arrived refugees coming from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, India, Russia, Tanzania, Iran, Syria, Uganda and many more as a teacher, a camp counsellor and various leadership positions he was passionate about. His educational background is in philosophy or as he says; The science of all sciences from Universite de Montreal. Named one of the Youth Leader in The Canadian Ismaili Magazine; Dawn Of A New Era, Shuhib is presently working as a coach/teacher educator in a community based field institution, supporting teachers taking part in building the identity of the youth across Quebec, Canada. Indigo is also coaching speakers for TedxLaval; Ideas worth spreading platform with speakers sharing their great ideas. Passionate by a plurality of domains, he doesn’t like to be boxed. He spends a lot of his free time writing poetry and reading about Ismaili philosophers inspiring him such as Nasir-e Khusraw, Sufi mystical writers like Rumi, western poets like Beaudlaire and Bukowski. He is also graduated from Islamic studies short classes at the Institute of Ismailis Studies (IIS) in London, United Kingdom. He is planning to publish his first book in the year coming covering many topics such as; Infinity, Love, Allah, Transcendence, Fusion of ideas, The grey zones of life, Love making, Language, Time, Space and Balance. It is influenced by the greats, every writers words and ideas the universe encountered him with, and specially living books, you, the people. 

Due to the lack of Art platform in the cosmic area he is, Ahmad Shuhib Co-Founded and is the Creative Director/CEO of @ZahirXBatin, a Multi-Dimensional Art platform giving the youth and future generations the possibility to  connect/network in various field related to Art. From Life coaching, Fashion line, Literature, Theater, Art Exhibition, Producing music/directing music videos, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Stage design and Event Planning, the idea of that platform is to CULTURE by fusion. Taking the best tools of the Western and Eastern culture to create, impact the world positively. Look up to his first music video called Sama by Fidah, a hiphop artist with @ZahirXBatin.